Nellie – Art Impressions

I absolutely love Art Impressions Front & Back Stamps. This particular stamp used is called Nellie. She’s just a very happy and southern looking girl.

This stamp is so versatile, I’m able to use it for Birthdays, Mother’s Day or even a simple ‘Thinking of You’ kind of card.

To color in this stamp I’ve been using the watercolor technique with Tom Bow markers and a watercolor paint brush from Art Impressions. I simply swipe my preferred color marker on a watercolor palette and pick up the color with the watercolor paint brush that has been a little wet. Then I would just color away.

Once I worked my way to the inside of the ‘kitchen’ room on the inside of the card I put some of the color brown for the floor painted inside but then went over with more water to spread it out to give a more fluid look for the ‘floor’.

I loved how the card turned out!

IMG_2968 IMG_2969







2 thoughts on “Nellie – Art Impressions

  1. Ashwini says:

    Thats a cute card! And great coloring too! 🙂
    Congrats on starting the blog and on your first post! Looking forward to seeing more posts!
    Thanks for following my blog too!


  2. HorseMark Cards says:

    I stopped by to thank you for followiing my blog and was pleasantly surprised to be remiinded of the Front & Back stamps from Art Impressions. I have a couple of their stamps and agree that they are fun to work with and can be used for different cards. This card you created is very nice….great coloring! Enjoy your creative day! ~~ Vickie


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